About Our Plans

We've come a long way since we opened our first Hemp Store in 1995

We had Big Plans for the new Ocean City Hemp Shop. We came back with the same great atmosphere that we were so proudly known for and all the awesome products we've selected for you.

In 1995 we began when Hemp fabric and clothing became legal to buy and sell in the USA. We were credited as the first Hemp Store selling nothing but products made from Hemp. You guys made our store a great success until our closing in 2001.

We didn't stop selling hemp. In 2001 Hempfield Candy Company was born, manufacturing the first Hemp Edibles in the USA. But that's all about that, visit HempfieldCandy.com to learn more about that...

Jump to 2018, Hemp is now medicine, the public realized what we've been saying for 23 years now.

It was time to come back to Ocean City and teach everyone all the great new stuff we've done with hemp. From the new clothing to edibles we have it all. Let's see if what we do here is the first of it's kind.

Check out our new online store. Browse our selection of the same great hemp merchandise found in our store. 

We made a lot of grest new friends in 2019. Everyone loves our products. From the CBD products to the hemp clothing and don't forget our large selection of lotions creams and oils to our 100% Hemp skateboards. We added a selection of hemp foods and cbd infused drinks. Our Secure Stash Bags and our hemp plastic sunglasses are really cool additions this year. Check everything out in our online store or stopping in the shop. 

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Keep up to date on our progress. Learn more about what we do. Come help us at The Hemp Store. Look up an old friend or make a new one.

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